Week 9 | The Plan

The weekend after pre planning “the Plan” the plan actually started and Jennie our community manager,┬áCesca our costumer support and me were on support over the weekend. We gave hung out in the twitch chats of the broadcasters that were streaming the game and answer all the questions that came up. Because some of the[…]

Week 8 | Pre Planning

This week has been mainly focused on preparing for “the Plan” which is meant to have a bunch of broadcasters stream Streamline during October 23 & 24. During this time we will also have a a couple of sponsored broadcasters together with the other broadcasters that stream during those days. We want Streamline to be[…]

Week 7 | Badges & Emotes

This week I have been working on some design tasks, I’ve made loyalty badges for our Twitch channel. Users get to see different badges now depending on the time that they have been subscribed to the Twitch channel. This was a new feature that was announced during Twitchcon. I’ve made different versions of “metal” of[…]

Week 6 | Post Twitchcon

Still extremely tired from our Twitchcon trip we continued on and started doing our follow-ups with all the broadcasters we talked to. I’ve send them a bunch of emails with information and a refresher of what I’ve told them at the convention and I also hung out in their channels so people could get familiar[…]