1 June 2017


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Video Games

Back in the late 50’s the first videos games were created like Pong, Odyssey and later Pac Man and Donkey Kong. Currently in 2017 we have over 2 billion people playing video games which is about 30% of all the people on the world. Video games have become a big industry grossing over $101.1 billion in sales globally in 2016, this is divided by all platforms from consoles to PC and mobile. Mobile games earn the most with covering 29% of those sales and most of the sales are from the Asian Pacific region with almost 50% of total game sales. Games come in a wide variety of types and platforms offering all sorts of different entertainment to player, where some play casual mobile games others are die hard fans of FPS titles on a console. An example of a couple well known game genres are: FPS, RPG’s, Shooters, MOBA’s, Strategy games, Platformer & Sandbox. Obviously there are many more genres and even this day new genres get introduced, just like the game type Stream first which is the type of genre the game Streamline where I’ll be working for is and I will explain a bit more about further down the page.

Live streams

Recently live streaming has become more and more popular, a lot of kids and (young) adults don’t watch as much television as they did and the internet has become an even greater source of information. Live streamers, YouTubers and let’s players are growing and a lot of new ones start new channels daily. People always have the need these days to be online, to be connected with people around the world. Everywhere you look you see people on their smart phones, little kids on iPads watching YouTube videos or playing games. Many kids and adults are behind their PC for work but also mainly for entertainment. A couple of years ago children and (young) adults would watch a lot more TV or play board games with the family. Since many people are on their phones and PC’s these days they don’t feel the need anymore to watch TV. Especially with services like Netflix for series and movies and Twitch and YouTube for esports, gaming and other entertainment, people can directly watch whatever they are looking for right away without having to wait for a certain program to air. When people are watching a YouTuber or a live streamer people can interact with these “celebrities”, by sending them a comment in the comment section, a tweet or in the chat during a live stream. The feedback these streamers and YouTubers give of a game or product is almost instant and the reaction from the viewer/consumer as well. As for normal advertisement, if the costumer doesn’t get the ad or meaning of the product the advertiser can’t explain or clarify the product. When it comes down to streamers they can directly clarify their review or answer questions that come up directly from the live chat. What is also important is that when a company or major brand tries to attract as many people as they can or a certain target group, a streamer tries to attract it’s community. Watching a live streamer or YouTuber is on a far more personal level, you’re more likely to buy something if your friend or that celebrity that you adore offers a product or talks about a product than when a company displays an ad somewhere about their newest type of socks. The viewer of a live streamer feels a much closer connection with the person they are watching than a brand name or a company. Some see live streamers as their friends and support when going through hard times. That is why a company would benefit hugely from using this bond between viewer and the live streamer.

Proletariat Inc. 

Proletariat Inc. is going to release their game Streamline on early access and they want as many broadcasters to live stream their game to create hype and sell their game. Streamline currently only support Twitch intergration through Streamote so they will focus only on broadcasters on this platform. Twitch is a platform where the interest in games to play and broadcast changes fast depending on what the current trend in games is or what games recently released.
In the time frame of Streamline’s early access release there will be a couple big game titles releasing that will be very popular on Twitch. The major problem is that it makes it hard to find the right broadcasters that will play the game and also stick to playing it. An in-depth analysis on broadcasters is needed to better understand their behavioral pattern as well as to find out what type of games they like to play. Streamline is a stream first game which heavily focuses on broadcaster and community interaction. It is an unique and new concept which would be a good fit for community focused broadcasters. Obviously it is imporant to show a wide variety of broadcasters what they can do with a game like Streamline.

To prepare for the early access release there will be a few events that lead up to the release date like Twitchcon as well as the announcement of Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime was announced at Twitchcon but Proletariat worked together with Twitch to promote Streamline so the company knew that Twitch Prime was coming.

These are the steps that are needed to be taken in order to successfully network with broadcasters to promote the game.

  • Carry out thorough research on broadcaster behavioral
  • Network with a wide variety of broadcasters
  • Generate hype and make sure the hype stays alive
  • Support and frequently visit Streamline live streams

I currently came up with the following main question, obviously it is still subject to change.

  • How can you find the correct broadcasters that will play and stay with your game?

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How to create a successful system that can be used by multiple game studios to engage with broadcasters?

Sub questions:

  • What are examples of marketing systems? 
  • What types of broadcasters are there?
  • Which social media platforms do these broadcasters use and what are the best ones to reach them?
  • What is the behavioral pattern of broadcasters?
  • What are successful examples of the use of broadcasters for game promotions?
  • What drives broadcasters to play/broadcast your game?