13 June 2017


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During this graduation internship and research I learned a lot, not only about how it is to work for a game developer, but a lot more about community management and even more about broadcaster behavior than I did before. Since I normally had contact with broadcasters as myself, another broadcaster, I never noticed how lazy or unorganized other broadcasters could be. Trying to get a broadcaster to play your game but even to interview them as a person was not always the easiest thing.

I am honestly sad to know that Streamline wasn’t the success we all hoped to be, it’s a hard competition in the video game world and even though you work countless hours during crunch sometimes it can be an empty reply. I feel that we all worked really hard to get the game out there but something was missing, I honestly had the feeling that I had failed as a Broadcaster Development Manager. A lot of people just didn’t stick with Streamline and looking back at it now a few months passed I think there was not much that I could have done different. I tried to improve our personal Twitch channel together with our Discord in the hope to drive more people to our stream, I got broadcasters to play our game but because of the vast variety of games and not being a game that drives people to come back it usually ended up with just a few casts. I do want to keep improving and keep coming up with new ideas to make my adventure at a next game developer a success.

Another thing that I wished I did differently was be more pro active about finding out how my thesis website should look like. I made a blog but was no where close to what it had to be at the end of my internship. I honestly wasn’t as focused on finishing university as someone who is almost graduating should be. I was just so focused on my life past university already and getting a job for the future. I do know that I have pushed myself to keep myself going and to finish this thesis in a good result. If I ever end up going back to school I will be sure to have more frequent contact with teachers and know that being on the other side of the world is no excuse to plan a meeting over Skype.

Even though I have feel like I made a lot of mistakes during my thesis, I did really learn from them, I know so much more now and I hope that I could share my knowledge with everyone else. I had an amazing time at Proletariat and I was honered to work for such a fun company and I really hope their next game is a success and hopefully we may cross paths in the future again!


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How to create a successful system that can be used by multiple game studios to engage with broadcasters?

Sub questions:

  • What are examples of marketing systems? 
  • What types of broadcasters are there?
  • Which social media platforms do these broadcasters use and what are the best ones to reach them?
  • What is the behavioral pattern of broadcasters?
  • What are successful examples of the use of broadcasters for game promotions?
  • What drives broadcasters to play/broadcast your game?