Week 14 | Thanksgiving

I survived my first Thanksgiving! This was my very first time celebrating this holiday that we don’t celebrate back home.
I went to the house of one my best friends family friends. One of the parents of her friend tried to prank me with a strong cocktail that I at least tried but happily put away right after haha! Thanksgiving was also the first time that I had a stuffed turkey! We helped preparing some of the food like the bacon that went with the brussel sprouts. The rest of the dinner excisted from foie gras and mashed potatoes together with a lot of gravy. We also got some nice wines that fitted each meal and as dessert we had some pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream.

Here you can see our beautiful stuffed turkey!

Of course I also still did some work in the rest of this week!
I took part in some of the play tests of our name game mode called Bitball, in bitball players have to collect points and bank those by scoring the ball in the enemies goal. For bitball I was tasked to write a short guide to explain the way the game mode works, it wasn’t as easy since most of the things that determined scoring a goal and getting point were changing while that was an important part of the guide.

I also started working on a research paper about broadcaster behavior to make a system to help target broadcasters better by learning more about them.
I wanted at least 50 partners and 50 non partnered broadcasters.


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