Week 15 | Website

This week has mainly been working on this website and making sure it’s exactly as how I want it. I don’t want it to be that much the same as the Streamline website. I looked for a color palette that would be different from the Streamline website. For the first while that I’ve made the website they were still in the style of Streamline but I didn’t want to completely copy the Streamline website. This is the color palette that I’ve made and went with. I liked the pastel colors and I wanted to at least have a nice purple color that fits with both Twitch as well as the palette.

Another important part of the website was finding a good portfolio plugin for WordPress. I didn’t mind paying for the plugin as long as it looked professional and was clean and simple. I didn’t like the standard portfolio that the theme used since it looked more like this blog. I decided to go with the “Career Portfolio” plugin, I can change the way the front images are tiled, what effect when hovering over and other settings.

I did my Maq Attack stream and also my community Streamline stream and I also asked a bunch more people to fill in the survey for the broadcasters behavior research. The non partnered ones are already all filled in but I still need more partners to fill it in to reach at least 50.

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