Week 16 | Bitball

During this week I’ve been working some more on the Bitball guide searching clips that we can use for the guide.
We want to show all the different movements and UI information, since we changed some of the movement this had to be clear to the players.
You can view the completed guide here, Cardell and Gordon and me have all been working on this guide to help players get used to the new game mode Bitball!
Today (16th) we released Bitball and I’ve been working on stream and Discord support to answer questions of our players playing Bitball.
Besides the Bitball release I updated some blog posts on my website and worked on adding more pictures to my portfolio.
For my report I started putting all the information into a Google docs since the way that Google form gives me the answers from my survey it wasn’t clear so I had to manually input them so I could analyse them more easily.
Also did a brainstorm with Jennie to think of good ideas to do with our community and broadcasters.

This week we had our office Christmas event, we did Yankee swap in which everyone buys one funny/yankee gift for a set price. Everyone pulls a number from a hat and the person who has number 1 pretty much has the best number. Number 1 picks the first gift to open then number 2 can choose to either take the gift that the previous person had chosen or unwrap a new gift. The same goes for the next numbers, they can either unwrap and keep a gift or steal one of the gifts already opened. If you steal a gift the person you stole a gift from gets to unwrap another gift. At the end the person who has number one gets to steal a gift from anyone so that’s the luckiest person. I ended up with a Vinyl of Bette Midler that is pretty much useless since I don’t own a LP player. :’)

I did make an awesome Christmas ornament during the ornament making of Rowlett! (that’s another Pokemon, yes I like Pokemon a lot)

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