Week 17 | Broadcaster Behavior Survey

During this week I’ve been working on the report while also having our regular Streamline and my personal variety stream.
First you can see all the results of the “Non Partner Survey” which was done by 63 people. I spread the survey on Twitter where I have a big following of all sorts of smaller and bigger broadcasters.

Broadcaster Behavior Results-NonPartners

Here you can see the results of the “Partner Survey” where I had 52 people answering. I also went on Twitter to find most partners, but I send them a private message to get them to fill in to fit their busy schedules. Some I had to send reminders because they weren’t always as fast with filling in the survey.



I also made a summary analysis of both answers in one combined document to have a quick overview when working on a plan to create a good model to improve contact with broadcasters.


I want to do some short interviews with some broadcasters next week that gave interesting answers to get more information about why they gave those answers and to receive more information.
I’ve planned already a few interviews with some broadcasters and some still have to get back to me.

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