Week 18 | Holidays edition

My second time spending Christmas in America but on a completely different way as before. In the past I have been to New York City with my parents and sister in 2011. Since Christmas is celebrated differently in the Netherlands I didn’t have the same type of Christmas as I did this year.
I got a couple of gifts from my friends and also still presents from the people from my Twitch channel, those I opened on stream and the other gifts I opened on Christmas day. On Christmas eve I went to the house of one of my friends parents, they got me a stocking with all kinds of little gifts and chocolate which was super sweet. I also got a drawing from one of my friends of Mimikyu with a pineapple. 

The first day of Christmas I spend with the same family that I spend Thanksgiving with. We went to one of their (REALLY NICE) houses in upstate New York.
It was in the middle of the forest and we had a lot of nice food and watched movies and played games.
We had a really really nice ham that you can see underneath here.
After Christmas it was back to work. It was only for a few days since I’ll be taking some days off to go to North Hampshire with my friends for New Years and my birthday that is coming up the 2nd of January!
I mainly worked on supporting people on Discord and in the streams that were going on, mainly about Bitball and there were some issues with the holiday items.

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