Week 19 | 2017

Happy New Year! It is 2017, we had a crazy 2016 with a lot of losses, but also a lot of amazing and fun experiences.
I met Proletariat at PAX East in 2016 and I got to work for them too! I couldn’t see that coming at first so a lot of awesome things have happened for me.
I also met a lot of amazing people and made new friends.
Since my Birthday is always right after New Years at the 2nd of January I am now a quarter of a century old!

The 3rd I came back to work in a new year, a lot of people were still out of the office and started to come back this week.
It was pretty quiet in the office but also there wasn’t as much work.

I mainly worked on gathering a list of variety stream teams for Bitball and I started working on making a model to improve contact with broadcasters that I got as a result from my report. I want to make an info graphic that shows all the different types of broadcasters and the way how to contact them
I wrote out most of the broadcaster profiles that I created based on the answers and watching a bunch of broadcasts.
I also did an interview with one of the broadcasters to get more information, I’m going to make a small video to add to the research results.


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