Week 20 | Broadcaster interviews

This week I mainly did a lot of broadcaster inteviews, or well I tried.. note to self if you try to do an interview with broadcaster prepare yourself for a bunch of reschedules. I like to believe that I’m pretty organized and never miss any planned interviews/meetings if I had one planned with people, but for some reason that doesn’t count for most streamers. Some of them actually overslept twice!
In the end I did manage to interview all the people that I planned on interviewing so that was pretty nice.
I did try to ask a couple more people but that didn’t seem to work out and I have gathered enough information to have a clear view of what I want to add to the broadcasters profiles.

I also started on the graphics for the broadcaster profiles, I wanted to make little characters to represent certain broadcasters like for example the characters in the 16 personalities test. They use different characters to resemble certain personality types. I really liked the idea and that makes the infographic also more interesting to look at.


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