Week 21 | Infographic

This week I have worked on the infographic that I wanted to make to give more information on how to handle contact with broadcasters.
Normally infographics don’t have as much text but for mine I made the decision to have more text than usual because that was the best way to use it.

First I worked on choosing the colors that I want to use for the infographic, these were the colors I went with:

I wanted something colorful but also not too bright/screaming. I wanted the colors to somewhat match my website colors so I went for soft tones and similar main colors that I have used to all my other post images and page colors.

After that I went to work on the icons for each broadcasters, I wanted a nice image that showed off all the different types of casters.
First I wanted to make two separate icons for the one game/one genre casters but I then decided to use the same image for both and combine the casters in one bubble.

For the infographic itself I went for two panels, one which explains what type of broadcasters there are and one with the best ways of having contact with them.
This tool should help game studios with making a good choice for broadcasters and give advice on contacting them.

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