Week 23 | The End

This was the very last week that I got to work at  Proletariat.
It’s been a crazy 23 weeks where I learned a lot of different things. I worked with a decent sized team on a game called Streamline.
I’ve learned that it isn’t always easy to work on/for a early access game. We had a bunch of things happening with Twitch Prime, our free weekend and just the game overall.
I liked that I was able to use my creativity as well as my knowledge about the broadcasting world.
With those skills I did a research, made a short video and I’ve created an infographic to help studios contact the right broadcasters with the right way of contact.

I want to thank Proletariat for everything they have done, they even gave me a super sweet good bye gift!
I got some magic cards, an amazon giftcard, pineapple socks and a pikachu plush! Super amazing, you guys rock!

Hopefully I see them again soon and who knows in the future I might come back.

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